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La Musa Mannii e' un bellissimo banano dalle dimensioni molto contenute ( 60/150 cm ), probabilmente la piu' piccola, e viene da Assam (India) dove e' ormai quasi estinta.

Le foglie sono oblunghe, lunghe 60/80 cm con una venutatura da entrambi i lati che puo' essere rossa.

L'inflorescenza e' di circa 18 cm in lunghezza e 2 cm in diametro, rossa e coperta da petali bianchi.

I frutti sono verde chiaro e divengono gialli quando maturi, lunghi 6 cm.

Il nome Mannii e' stato donato in onore del Botanico Tedesco Gustav Mann, del Dipartimento Forestale.

Musa Cultivation

The cultivation of the Muse is not very difficult, but the seeds are alive and in order to germinate they demand environmental conditions similar to those they would have in their areas of origin, so does the Muse that certainly requires some special attention, a little 'experience and a lot of patience .

The seed should be immersed in distilled water for 3/4 days (or scarified) to help the embryo find a softer rind after it has been inflated and the germination process has begun.

Change the water every 8 hours.

It should be placed in a jar with a very soft, oxygenated earth, which drains well and mixed with vermiculite: a too dense soil would cause the seed to rot.

Put in electric propagator and maintain a daytime temperature of 35C while at night it should be dropped to about 18 / 20C.

Temperature is fundamental for success!

The seeds have an irregular germination, that is, some may come out after 2 months, others after 6 and others after 12 months, even if sown together and treated in the same way.

It requires patience but the results are exciting!


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