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The list of tomatoes available is at the bottom but we want to leave an important preamble, which we hope you will read.

Tomatoes are probably the most loved vegetable in our country (and not only) during the sunny days of summer.

The varieties we offer are all old and traditional, some rare, others almost extinct, others come from far countries.

We do not process GMO, genetically modified seeds, but only traditional varieties that are rediscovered or rediscovered.

The photo below show some of the products obtained from our seeds.


2 small but important things:

We also remember that traditional seeds should NOT been  sown too early nor forced in a light-box , no matter where you live but remember to not to sown before the end of March because (among other things) even the hours of natural light increase: the plants will germinate well, will grow strong, fast (to overcome the forced varieties) and will be much more productive!

Sowing indoors, require 20-22 C for the germination time, after which you can move them to less hot temperatures (but never below 15C or slow down the growth)

A few days ago, with some people and friends , we were talking about the traditional varieties (so called Heirloom), which have a history. History of love, passion and people.

And the differences that should be expected when we sow seeds with strong personality and not coming from envelopes, where the purpose is the attractive aspect (also for the market) more than the typical characteristics of the variety.

One of these is clearly visible in the photo below: that is from the same plant can come out characters and characteristics typical of the variety and variety that have created the selection in a spontaneous and natural.

For example, a plant can produce ED tomatoes at the same time at heart, or at heart E rounds, or ribbed E rounds and so on.

The photo above shows some differences

Or regular tomato leaves, and the same seeds will give plants with the chosen variety and potato leaves (this because it is a recessive character, often comes out in de-hybridization, like F7).

So the traditional tomatoes offer many more 'surprises and joys in addition to a lot of flavor, are not' pre printed 'but left to the wise hand of Mother Nature, and the taste is the real one, tomato of a time and not plastic.

This is the bio diversity, with all its charm and naturalness, inherent and hidden in a tiny, rare seed



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